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The Brand You

Discover the Power of Personal Branding and Transform Your Career and Life.

Welcome to “The Brand You” Workshop — your go-to source for mastering the art of personal branding. We are committed to helping you carve out your unique brand identity, enabling you to stand out in your career and life. This interactive workshop will provide you with Personal Branding strategy, powered with modules on styling, and self care.

Workshop Structure:

  1. Introduction to Personal Branding
  2. Crafting Your Image (1): Style
  3. Crafting Your Image (2): Self Care
  4. Crafting Your Image (3): Face & Hair Care

Meet the Facilitators:

Ivy Lacle – Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert & Facilitator

Ivy is a multifaceted entrepreneur and an expert in the realm of digital marketing. She’s the driving force behind Be Social, a digital marketing agency that serves as the strategic partner for several big-name brands. As a facilitator, Ivy combines her marketing expertise with a knack for guiding aspiring entrepreneurs.

Julienne Lafontaine – Entrepreneur, Beauty Expert, Founder of Kelary Hair Care 

Julienne, a beauty expert with 13+ years of industry experience, transitioned from makeup artistry to entrepreneurship. She developed her own hair product and now serves as the Community & Marketing Officer at Impact Hub Aruba, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in Impact Hub Aruba community.

Dates: October 7-28
Time: 9 AM – 11 AM
Location: Impact Hub Aruba, Harbour House
Price: AWG 400 (Payment via Bank transfer or Debit/Credit)
Training fee must be paid prior to the start of the course to secure your enrollment and access to all course materials.

The Brand You

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