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WordUp 2023!

Jan 28th
9:00 - 11:00
Impact Hub Aruba

WordUp 2023!

“WORDup. It’s the code word. No matter where you say it, You’ll know that you’ll be heard.” Cameo (circa 1986).

WORDup-it’s that time of year again. Time to choose a word (not a resolution) for the year. Author, Changemaker, and Auntie Kristi Hemmer, M.Ed. started choosing her WORDup back in 2013. Ten years ago! Her first word was “possible;” She wrote it on a balloon in Singapore, and it inspired her to launch her business Academy for Women’s Empowerment. Since then, she has claimed a WORDup. Last year was #joy, this year it’s #outdream.

What would be different if you had a WORDup to guide you through 2023? To help you choose rather than being chosen. To own your power, your story, and your year. Find out at WORDup.

In this interactive, conversation-based, group-coaching format workshop, you will…

  • *Reflect on 2022. Now that you know better, what word would you give 2022?
  • *Pause and thank the challenges of 2022 and turn them into opportunities.
  • *Explore words for 2023 and choose one that inspires you to take up space.
  • * Anchor your WORDup with this interactive group-coaching session, MOXIEpin, and six-word story to keep you accountable to your MOXIE all year long.

Because we want to make sure we have enough time for all voices, we are limiting this session to 35x. Sign up now!

WORDup is brought to you in partnership with Impact Hub Aruba and Kristi Hemmer, M. Ed. of Academy for Women’s Empowerment. www.kristihemmer.com AWE is a U.N. Women’s Empowerment Principles company.

As always, if price is stopping you from attending email [email protected] for equity pricing.


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